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IES Hässleholm Expanding - Open House

Open House for 2016 admission

IES Hässlehom has made a great start since our first classrooms opened their doors on Aug 17th, 2015.

Over the past couple of weeks we have seen a great increase in interest to start at our school.

Year levels 4, 5, 6 and 7 are currently full and have a waiting list to get in. In order to meet this demand we have decided to expand with new classes in August 2016.

  • Year 4: regular admission of two new classes to start in August 2016
  • Years 5, 6 and 7: one new class per year to open in August 2016.

We would like to invite you to tour our school and see what we have to offer during one of our two open house events, on December 14, 2015 or February 4, 2016 from 16:30 until 19:00.

We offer an alternative to other schools in North Eastern Skåne, and we are dedicated to:

  • A safe and orderly environment where teachers can teach and students learn.
  • To command the English language – the key to the world. Up to half of our teaching is in English, performed by certified native English-speaking teachers.
  • High academic expectations.

Students in the waiting line to start the current school year of 2015 – 2016, have the opportunity to apply to start next year instead. Likewise students enrolled to start in August 2017 are offered to apply to start in August 2016 instead. If you have enrolled your child in the queue and want to accept our offer to start sooner, please write to

This means that we will only have a small number of places for students currently not already enrolled in the queue, so apply today to ensure your place in the queue:

A few examples of what we are doing in School

A few examples of what we are doing in School

Image: Felt work done by our students in support of cancer awareness in October which is cancer awareness month

Colorful chemistry: Grade 7 students investigating acids and bases using red cabbage juice as an indicator.
Time Travel
Time Travel: Grade 8 students time travelling to the 80s
Year sevens exploring the reaction between an acid and a base by pouring vinegar over egg shells.

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A very successful start

A successful start

Half a term into our first year of operations we can conclude that IES Hässleholm has had a fantastic start! The lessons are calm and, throughout the school, we are met with a good and welcoming work environment. The students have adjusted well to the structure and disciplined focus that characterises IES Schools. All of the adults in the building have worked hard to ensure a calm work environment where teachers can teach and students learn.

  • Some of the things we have done so far in the term:
  • Grade 8 reading classics, such as Romeo and Juliet, in English class
  • The nitrogen cycle and students investigating acids and bases using red cabbage juice as an indicator has been done in grade 7 Chemistry
  • Reibekuchen made by talented grade 8 cooks in German class
  • Felt work done by our students during October in support of cancer awareness
  • Two successful ‘Student Choice Days’ including field trips, curling, cooking, dancing and much more

We are now looking forward to the first grades, national tests in year 6 and a future expansion of the school. Remember that we operate on a first come first served basis; so to ensure the change of attending IES Hässleholm, please sign up your children to our queue here:

As Principal I am extremely proud of our students, teachers and all the other staff for the seriousness and dedication to our cause in building the International School for northern Skåne!

Internationella Engelska Skolan’s teaching personnel using English as teaching language

Internationella Engelska Skolan has special permission from Skolinspektionen for each of our 29 schools to provide up to half of the teaching in the English language.  In chapter 2, 17 § of the Swedish school law, a permanent exception from Swedish teacher certification is granted for those teachers we employ to teach in English and who have a teaching degree from their home country.

49 percent of our teachers have a foreign background.

To teach subjects including maths and science, we recruit teachers from Canada, USA and the UK.  We dare say that their teacher training is superior to the Swedish teacher training. This is reflected by the fact that our results in these subjects on the national tests in year 9 are far higher than the norm for Swedish schools.  At present we have about 600 teachers with a foreign teacher qualification, which is an essential contribution to the Swedish school’s internationalization.

Up to half of the teaching in our schools is done in English, primarily by teachers from English-speaking countries. English is to be used as our conversational language in the corridors and classrooms. Our schools are characterized by an international atmosphere.  The mixture of teachers from many different countries contributes to this.  IES promotes full bilingualism – skills in Swedish are developed in parallel to English.

Barbara Bergström founded Internationella Engelska Skolan in 1993, based on three pillars  that still characterize Internationella Engelska Skolan:

  • A safe and orderly school environment in which teachers can teach and students learn
  • High academic expectations and ambitions
  • Command of the English language

Swedish teachers are also subject to detailed scrutiny, primarily by the principal of a school to ensure that they do possess the required competence and share those beliefs that created Internationella Engelska Skolan.

Below is a summary of the distribution of teachers with Swedish or international degrees:

Total number of teachers

Number of teachers with Swedish certification

Number of teachers qualified but not yet certified

Number of teachers with international qualifications

Number of non-certified teachers






Principals Blog


Dear Students and Guardians

Thank you all for a successful start of our new school! During the first few weeks we have experienced a fantastic atmosphere in our school. Not only between adults and students, but also between the students themselves. I am very impressed at how all of the students have accepted our rules and how eager they are to learn and study. It is truly amazing to see!

I can proudly say that we have managed to establish a very calm learning environment, laying the foundation for future academic success.

Aside from the successful start of the school – we also experienced a positive inauguration where the school was honoured to welcome the founder and chairperson of IES, Ms. Barbara Bergström. We are now looking forward to an autumn term focusing on the academics and continue to build the international school for northern Skåne!

Despite some furniture still being missing, most books have arrived, computer carts have been assembled and lots of other material is coming in every day. We are also looking forward to our first Student Choice Days that will take place in the beginning of November.

On the downside, we have experienced some traffic issues when many students want to go, or arrive, with the same bus. Mr. Price has gone into all of the classes to educate in traffic safety and we have requested a reduced speed limit and new crossings from the municipality - we are currently awaiting their response.

We have also successfully started to collaborate with the municipality when it comes to home language, and are in the processes of ensuring that as many of our home language students as possible are provided with education.