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IES Hässleholm Spring 2016

During the autumn and spring term the IES Hässleholm team has worked very hard to ensure a safe and calm work environment where teachers can teach and students learn. Looking at our survey results from the evaluation, we are happy to say that that goal has been accomplished! More than 95% of our students agree that we have a calm working environment! This is of course a good result, but we will work very hard to improve it even further for next academic year.

The school also successfully had two Open Houses with hundreds of visitors. Those day resulting in a five class expansion for next academic year. This means that will go from 183 students to 340 students across year levels 4-9.  It also means that we have almost reached our building’s capacity of 12 classes. We are currently over subscribed for the school year of 2016 – 2017, and we have only a handful of spots open in year 4 for the school year of 2017 – 2018.

As many students can witness, focus this year has also been on delivering high quality lessons. This means that we have produced some outstanding results in the national tests. For instance 93% A-C for year 6 English.

We have also performed six fruitful student choice days on top of our regular teaching. Maybe most memorable was the 15 km outdoor hiking for year 7-8 or the visit the goat farm.

Please have a look at our Facebook-page where we on a regular basis display student´s work and share what we do on an everyday basis.

School Calendar 2017–2018

Important dates

17 August: School Starts. 08.30–14.00 for all students.

11–12 September: SPT (Development conversation)

30 October–3 November: Autumn Break

22 December– 8 January: Christmas Break

9 January: School Starts

17–18 January: SPT (Development conversation)

19–23 February: Sports Break

26 March–2 April: Easter Break

30 April: Break

11 May: Break

12 June: Last Day of School


Admission Update for 2016 - 2017, 23 April

Dear guardians and students

We are in the process of finishing up the first round of admission for the school year 2016-2017. We will be contacting students on the waiting list after easter.

Please contact administration if you have questions about admission.


Admission Update 2016 - 2017

The first round of admissions have been send out and are expected to arrive to guardians February 17 and 18. If you have any questions please contact administrator/economisk Ms. Binkowski.