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Building update

Building update

Image: Junior School

The building process has begun for real and is now in an intense phase. There are lots of builders across the entire building site, renovating our facilities on Wendesvägen. IES Hässleholm will open with brand new, fully-renovated classrooms equipped to deliver top-of-the-line education. In order to ensure the best possible indoor environment, the ventilation system will be completely rebuilt.

The school will be organized in two different buildings. One will contain classes for years 4 and 5, as well as our afterschool program. It will have its own dining hall and teacher offices.

The senior school building (currently the white building with yellow, blue and red stripes) will host years 6-9 as well as home economics rooms, science labs, the library and the principal's office. The façade will be repainted to match the yellow year 4-5 building. The colorful stripes will be painted over.

Senior SchoolSenior School

The classrooms will be painted in a warm light green  and corridors will be opened up to ensure a bright, inviting space. Teachers' offices will be located close to classrooms and directly connected to the hallways, thus ensuring an adult presence in order to deliver a safe and calm school environment throughout the day.

We have also solicited offers to construct two modern playgrounds. The playground for levels 4-5 will have a jungle gym, swings, trampolines and more. The playground for levels 6-9 will have a small soccer field, basketball court and ping pong tables. The old gazebo will be removed to open up the area to ensure that all parts of the school yard are visible from the classrooms.

Our Gym HallOur Gym Hall

The waiting list has grown dramatically and several classes are already full across the starting range of year levels 4 to 9. To ensure your place in the school, please enroll your children in our while there is still space available.

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