A very successful start


A successful start

Half a term into our first year of operations we can conclude that IES Hässleholm has had a fantastic start! The lessons are calm and, throughout the school, we are met with a good and welcoming work environment. The students have adjusted well to the structure and disciplined focus that characterises IES Schools. All of the adults in the building have worked hard to ensure a calm work environment where teachers can teach and students learn.

  • Some of the things we have done so far in the term:
  • Grade 8 reading classics, such as Romeo and Juliet, in English class
  • The nitrogen cycle and students investigating acids and bases using red cabbage juice as an indicator has been done in grade 7 Chemistry
  • Reibekuchen made by talented grade 8 cooks in German class
  • Felt work done by our students during October in support of cancer awareness
  • Two successful ‘Student Choice Days’ including field trips, curling, cooking, dancing and much more

We are now looking forward to the first grades, national tests in year 6 and a future expansion of the school. Remember that we operate on a first come first served basis; so to ensure the change of attending IES Hässleholm, please sign up your children to our queue here:


As Principal I am extremely proud of our students, teachers and all the other staff for the seriousness and dedication to our cause in building the International School for northern Skåne!