Principals Blog



Dear Students and Guardians

Thank you all for a successful start of our new school! During the first few weeks we have experienced a fantastic atmosphere in our school. Not only between adults and students, but also between the students themselves. I am very impressed at how all of the students have accepted our rules and how eager they are to learn and study. It is truly amazing to see!

I can proudly say that we have managed to establish a very calm learning environment, laying the foundation for future academic success.

Aside from the successful start of the school – we also experienced a positive inauguration where the school was honoured to welcome the founder and chairperson of IES, Ms. Barbara Bergström. We are now looking forward to an autumn term focusing on the academics and continue to build the international school for northern Skåne!

Despite some furniture still being missing, most books have arrived, computer carts have been assembled and lots of other material is coming in every day. We are also looking forward to our first Student Choice Days that will take place in the beginning of November.

On the downside, we have experienced some traffic issues when many students want to go, or arrive, with the same bus. Mr. Price has gone into all of the classes to educate in traffic safety and we have requested a reduced speed limit and new crossings from the municipality - we are currently awaiting their response.

We have also successfully started to collaborate with the municipality when it comes to home language, and are in the processes of ensuring that as many of our home language students as possible are provided with education.