New Schools Open in Hässleholm, Kista and Umeå

New Schools Open in Hässleholm, Kista and Umeå

Image: Now Open. Ms Barbara Bergström and Mr Chris Nilsson cut the ribbon to officially open IES Hässleholm

Three new IES schools have now opened their doors, welcoming students for the first time.

All three new schools, in Hässleholm, Kista and Umeå,  held official opening ceremonies at the start of the school year, seeing ribbons cut in front of the schools and apple trees planted in the grounds.

Planted: The ceremonial apple tree at IES Kista
Planted: The ceremonial apple tree at IES Kista

As well as being an important event for students and staff, the ceremonies attracted interest from politicians, the media, and of course the parents of the students who will be attending the schools.

Speaking in from of parents and students in Hässleholm Mr Nilsson, the Principal, said: "We are committed to delivering a safe and calm working environment in which teachers can teach and students learn.

"I know this has been stressed very proudly by all the teachers and mentors in these first few days, how we line up before all the lessons, how we behave in a calm and polite way, how we keep our cell phones in our lockers and how we choose not to wear caps indoors.

"During the first few days in school I have seen this being delivered in reality and not just in theory. I am truly thankful to all students and all teachers who have worked whole-heartedly to deliver this commitment."

At the opening of the school in Kista, the Principal, Mr McGowan, said: "Our teachers are competent professional educational leaders who enable optimal learning conditions.

"Positive students mirror positive involved teachers, and positive students want to come to school, these conditions are why students attend IES, they need an ordered, structured, place to learn in, just like adults need order and structure to do their jobs.

"To that end I personally believe in being proactive by walking around all the time and talking to students and staff."

Founder and Chairman: Ms Bergström addresses the crowd at IES Umeå
Founder and Chairman: Ms Bergström addresses the crowd at IES Umeå

Ms Bersgtröm, founder and chairman of Internationella Engelska Skolan, added: "Here I know, and I can say with confidence, that the people who are taking care of that which is most precious in our lives, our students, they actually do it.

"They don't sweep things under the rug, they assist you, they promote you, they lift you up and on occasions they will say 'why don't you come to my office?', and then you know something serious needs to be discussed."

Following the opening of the three new schools, as well the growth of many existing IES schools the company now has almost 20,000 students studying at 29 schools in Sweden, mostly middle schools teaching students in years 4-9.