IES Hässleholm Expanding - Open House


Open House for 2016 admission

IES Hässlehom has made a great start since our first classrooms opened their doors on Aug 17th, 2015.

Over the past couple of weeks we have seen a great increase in interest to start at our school.

Year levels 4, 5, 6 and 7 are currently full and have a waiting list to get in. In order to meet this demand we have decided to expand with new classes in August 2016.

  • Year 4: regular admission of two new classes to start in August 2016
  • Years 5, 6 and 7: one new class per year to open in August 2016.

We would like to invite you to tour our school and see what we have to offer during one of our two open house events, on December 14, 2015 or February 4, 2016 from 16:30 until 19:00.

We offer an alternative to other schools in North Eastern Skåne, and we are dedicated to:

  • A safe and orderly environment where teachers can teach and students learn.
  • To command the English language – the key to the world. Up to half of our teaching is in English, performed by certified native English-speaking teachers.
  • High academic expectations.

Students in the waiting line to start the current school year of 2015 – 2016, have the opportunity to apply to start next year instead. Likewise students enrolled to start in August 2017 are offered to apply to start in August 2016 instead. If you have enrolled your child in the queue and want to accept our offer to start sooner, please write to

This means that we will only have a small number of places for students currently not already enrolled in the queue, so apply today to ensure your place in the queue: