Autumn 2016


Dear students and guardians,

Our second year is now approaching half time. During this year we have experienced an expansion from 6 classes and 180 students, to 11 classes and 340 students. With half of the students new to our system; we have worked hard to create one coherent school. We believe that in this, we have succeeded.  Our returning teachers have also worked hard to welcome 12 new teachers to IES and Sweden, our new SYV and our Special Educator.

It is impossible to give credit to all the wonderful things we have done in class. But a few of my favourite examples are:

  • Animal Zone during the student choice days where we had a boa constrictor visiting the school
  •  Fire and Safety training with 8 graders 
  • Year 9 students using exponent rules to solve tarsia puzzles 
  • See more examples on our Facebook page.

We are now looking forward to 2017 and 2018. Our plan is to admit 60 new students in two classes in year four. After that our school building is filled to capacity.