Agenda—First Day in School, August 17th



New Students—Grade 4

Grade 4 students should be at the PE Hall before 08:45. At this time they will receive a short introduction to the school from Mr Gossell and will then meet their class and their mentor before heading down to the main school building. Grade 4 parents are welcome to stay with them until they leave the PE Hall.

Students, Grade 5–9

The students will meet in these locations:

Please Note: We have made some changes, so from now on the two Senior Grades, Grade 8–9, will have their home homerooms in the former Junior Building. Thus, that building is no renamed to "Senior Building". The former Senior Building is renamed to "Main Building".

Grade 9 – Senior Dining Hall (Note: Formerly the Junior Dining Hall)

Grade 8 – Senior Student Lounge (Note: Formerly the Junior Student Lounge)

Grade 7 – Main Dining Hall (Note: Formerly the Senior Dining Hall)

Grade 6 – Main Student Lounge (Note: Formerly the Senior Student Lounge)

Grade 5 – Main Student Lounge (Note: Formerly the Senior Student Lounge)



The School Day officially starts. All Grade 5–9 students will be picked up by their mentors and go to their homeroom. Grade 4 students will be walked to their homerooms by their mentors after the introduction in the PE Hall.



End of Day