Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to IES Hässleholm. We deliver a safe, calm international educational experience for students in northeastern Skåne. We have students from Åhus to Klippan, and from Tomelilla to Östra Göinge.

The school offers bilingual education with a strong focus on discipline and operates from year 4 to year 9. We opened in 2015 with 183 students, and expanded to 340 students for the school year of 2016–2017. From the Academic Year 2017–2018 our school has reached its full capacity of 12 classes and 376 students, which means we will only open new classes in year 4. (Meaning two new year 4 classes each new Academic Year, with a total of 60 new students). Apart from that, we will take in 4 new students each year in year 6—when the class size is expanded from 30 to 32 students.

We are located in T4 area close to bus stops and just a 15 min walk from Hässleholm train station. 

Please also see our Facebook Page for examples of students' work.

Welcome to our school!

Truls Katzler